10 Hello Birdie Nail Polishes To Get You Through Winter

Winter in San Diego is a bit unpredictable, which means we can enjoy changing our polish colors to match the weather! Manicures are an easy way to experiment and find colors that express your personal style. Have decision fatigue? Keep reading for color palette inspiration before browsing our 2022 picks. 


Moody & Dark | If you haven’t tried going dark yet, now is the time to experiment with moody shades. If you shy away from black polish, go for the deepest colors you can find. Be sure to pay attention to the warm and cool undertones so that your winter complexion is complimented. 


Bright & Crisp | If you’re missing light spring and summer colors, don’t worry! Brightening up your palette adds a playful twist to your winter color collection. White, pastel, and shimmers are all a nod to fresh snow and light skies. 


Jewel Tones | Think ruby, emerald, or sapphire. Jewel tones add a sophisticated pop of color. They’re saturated and eye-catching. When styling outfits, try incorporating your favorite jewel tone as your statement color to tie the look together.


Feeling inspired? Make sure that you make your manicure last: always use a base and top coat, and be consistent with cuticle oil. Hydration during dry winter months is an absolute necessity. Let's get into our top picks!



A rich metallic brown that makes us want to sip on hot chocolate. 


Stormy Feather

 A true neutral that gives a nod to the more dramatic winter evenings. 


Talk Birdie To Me

Our favorite dark shade. This is a classic color that belongs in your kit year-round.


Swan Song

White isn’t a summer exclusive: Swan Song takes on a new vibe of fresh snow during winter. 


Tweet Dreams

Tweet Dreams is a pale, icy periwinkle that captures the sweeter side of winter (are you envisioning sugar plums yet?)



A gauzy, iridescent sheer that is a breeze to apply. Wear this one alone, or layer over another color for a more opalescent look. 


Bird of Prey

If Falcon made us crave hot chocolate, Bird of Prey needs to be paired with mulled wine! This is a gorgeous crimson shade. 


Myna Your Own Business

A beautiful sapphire shade on its own, but if you want to try a more velvety finish, add a layer Nightingale and finish with a matte top coat


No Harm No Fowl

No Harm No Fowl indeed! Try this evergreen shade and prepare for compliments. 



Last, but not least, Talonted is a classic. If you’re unsure about branching out, stick with a winter berry red that will compliment any look, year-round. 



Between traveling, cooking, boxing and unboxing, the gloves are off this winter. Be sure your manicure is ready!