5 Nail Art Trends To Try In 2023

That’s a wrap on 2022! Did you keep up on all the nail art trends? Metallics and glitters had a huge moment, from chrome to cat-eye. With nail art becoming mainstream, salon nail art has become more adventurous than ever. When you’re choosing inspiration for your next manicure, keep in mind that many, if not all, designs can be worn on any nail length and shape.


Going to the salon for your manicure? Let your artist know ahead of time what type of design you're looking for so that the proper amount of time is booked. Be sure to specify if you want a full set or a pair, and provide a photo for reference. Proper planning ensures that you and your nail artist are on the same page! 



Tell us you're into astrology without actually telling us you're into astrology. Seriously, how rad are these little skybound sparkles? Metallic accents work well with any color, so no need to limit yourself. Wear them alone or add a dot of color or a gemstone in the center for a more luxe effect.


Micro French

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A classic, chic set of micro french compliments any style. Opt for a sheer nude base and a non-white tip. Micro french looks best with a pop of color. Try deep jewel tones or juicy, bright colors. 


Abstract Color Palettes

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If you’re a nail art minimalist, this is the perfect set. An intentional palette elevates your nail art to fine art. You can look for inspiration from life, like your favorite piece of art or a trendy wallpaper design (have you checked your Pinterest lately?).


Nature Inspired

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The original inspiration! Check out flowers and greenery, sunset skies, and animal prints for color and art ideas.


Mix & Match

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When there are so many trends circulating, it’s inevitable that they cross paths. This trend is great if you are feeling experimental or want something more avant garde. Velvet nails are created using magnetic polish over the entire nail. The glitter can be manipulated into a variety of shapes, but the most popular iteration is a full nail of dimensional shine. 3D art is the next level for regular nail art wearers. It’s made using a thicker gel that transforms nails from a painting to a sculpture.