5 Products That Will Keep Your Lash Extensions Picture-Perfect

If you’ve ever had a fresh set of lash extensions, you’re familiar with swooning over how they make you look and feel. Healthy, cared-for lashes tend to have better retention, look better between appointments, and reduce the amount of time for the next service (think fill instead of another full set). Lashes are an investment, so don’t skip on the aftercare: it’ll totally be worth it.


Unfamiliar with this service? Here’s what we offer at Hello Birdie:


Lash Extensions are a service where a lash artist applies black synthetic lashes to the client’s individual natural lashes on the top lids with lash extension adhesive. The lash artist can create various looks for the client with different lengths, curls, and placement of the lash extensions. Hello Birdie specializes in more natural looks, with an emphasis on lash isolation and and lash health. We do not apply Lash Extensions that we feel are too heavy for a client’s natural lash to hold and encourage proper washing and care for client health.  


Let’s get into our favorite products!  


1. Cleansing Brush 

A Hello Birdie Nail and Lash Lab black lash cleansing brush with white and black curved bristles resting on a mirrored blue sky background with green leaves around

 You definitely don’t want to be rubbing lashes with fingers, linty cotton pads, or rough towels. A cleansing brush is your best bet for a good, gentle scrub that will get every last bit of debris and oil out.  


2. Oil-Free Makeup Remover

A pink and white ombre bottle of Borboleta Break Down oil free makeup remover on a white background with water ripples

 Going oil-free is a must with makeup and cleansers for lashes.  


3. Cleanser

A white to pink ombre bottle of Borboleta Lash Bath Foam Cleanser on a white background with water ripples

 Daily cleansing is essential for lash maintenance! Luckily, it’s a breeze to swipe on this foam cleanser.  


4. Protect

A white frosted bottle with black lid and black label that reads "Borboleta Clear Lash Sealant" on a white background

 Once a week, tap this sealant into your lashes, especially if you are in a high humidity environment.   


5. Soothe

A pink and white ombre box of Borboleta Cool Down Calming Eye Masks in 5 pairs, on a white background with water ripples

 These eye masks are packed with ingredients to help refresh, soothe, and heal. Try chilling a set in the refrigerator before applying!  


Ready to fall in love, not fall out? Lashes can be considered an investment, but also think of them as commitment to self-care. The right set of products and routine will maximize your set and keep you on top of lash health. For more information about our lash services, see our FAQ page, and to book an appointment today, click here.