A Super Wavy Hello Birdie DIY Nail Art Tutorial

Getting acquainted with Hello Birdie classic polish? Here's the deets:

Hello Birdie nail polishes are a highly pigmented, soft-as-silk creamy formulation, delivering even coverage with a brilliant shine. They're also 10-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and made in California.

Now, we love a solid color mani, but we want to encourage you to try some DIY nail art with the help of our super-talented nail artist, Nyah, via our YouTube channel! 

Five Hello Birdie classic nail polishes, from left to right: electric blue Myna Your Own Business, turquoise Eggsistential, pastel blue So Fly, sage Impeckable, golden cream Three Little Birds. Headed by bold outline reading "The Palette" and corners are decorated with wavy blue lines.

Myna Your Own Business | Eggsistential | So Fly | Impeckable | Three Little Birds


Check out the tutorial below!