Color Theory

Not that we are counting, but Hello Birdie officially has a full flock of classic nail polish in four dozen different shades!

We introduced some of the newbies, but let's take a minute to mix it up and review our classic nail polish palettes. The category is:


We are going to give you a crash course on how to mix and match Hello Birdie polishes for a clever summer statement manicure. 


The Big Three

Primary color wheel using Hello Birdie classic polishes in Talonted, red, Early Bird, yellow, and Mile High blueTalonted, Early Bird, Mile High 

Primaries are the building blocks of color curating. They're bold and brave and great for making a statement. Without them, there's not much color magic happening! 


Secondary Support

Secondary color wheel using Hello Birdie classic polishes in Kiwi, green, When Doves Cry, purple, and Phoenix, pastel orange.

Kiwi, When Doves Cry, Phoenix

Feeling mixed? So are the secondaries. These babies are the babies of a primary color pair: blue and yellow gives us a crisp green, red and blue takes us straight to violet, and yellow and red coalesce to make a juicy orange. 

The Complimentary Crew

Hello Birdie pastel toned complementary color pairs in So Fly and Phoenix for blue and orange, Over Easy and Sweetie Bird for yellow and purple, and Impeckable and Lovebirds for red and green.

This is where the magic happens: complementary pairs are opposites that attract! Complementary pairs lie directly across each other on the color wheel, and when placed together, they create color magic. Pro tip: dress them up or down by going with richer or more pastel shades.