Fall Means Fall-Out!

Seasons change, leaves fall, and so do lashes!

We know hair grows and sheds (falls out) at regular intervals. That means your lashes, too. While this is a normal process, we definitely notice it happening more during the transition to fall. How on-brand! Proper care using a good routine and products can ensure the longevity of your set, and preserve the integrity of your own lashes. 

In order to keep calm and care for your lashes, here are our top three tips: 


Hello Birdie lash care infographic, on the left is a list of 3 tips bulleted by matching icons. Orange oil droplets "avoid oils", blue bubbles "wash daily", closed eye "book fills" and next to it are 3 labelled lash care products by Borboleta, a cleansing foam, cleansing brush, and makeup remover

Avoid oils

We don't mean in your diet, we mean in your products! Oily skincare products, mascaras, or other types of makeup can cause fallout and significantly reduce the life of your lashes. 

Wash daily

Here's the real deal: you've got to wash those lashes every day! For the easiest and most gentle routine, we recommend pairing the Borboleta CLEAN SWOOP brush with LASH BATH foam cleanser. Trying to remove makeup as well? Add BREAK DOWN into your routine to effortlessly and safely cleanse skin and lashes. 

Book fills more frequently

Retention is rad, especially when you can wear your set for upwards of 3 weeks! However, waiting too long in between fills can be a little bit of a gamble. Lashes need to be looked after regularly, so if you tend to space out your appointments, try booking them a bit more frequently this season given the increased shedding.