A white box with Hello Birdie brand press on nails painted with bold yellow, white, and black prints

Feeling Pressed?

So you've got an invite to an event and you've got naked nails. You've also got a tight schedule. Don't get your feathers ruffled: this is the perfect occasion for press-ons! 



Here's our top picks for the 2021 Spring/Summer season:



Hand-painted gel polish nail art press-ons in an almond shape.  Tropical nail art with some palm leaves and palm trees are scattered on the nails.  The base color of the nail design is a soft pink with modern color blocking accents in a golden yellow and warm orange.   All nails have a glossy finish.  One had is pictured over a denim backdrop.

The perfect press-ons for our maximalist friends, or for those looking to jet set and stay on-brand. This set is packed with colorful, bold, and delicate designs that is perfect for a getaway weekend!


Graphic Prints

Hand-painted gel polish nail art press-ons in an almond shape.  A modern take on animal print nail art with the thumb, index finger and pinky in a yellow backed animal print and the middle and ring finger in a white backed print.  All nails have a matte finish.  One had is pictured over a pale denim jeans with distressed holes a the knees.
Press on a bold print paired with the bright, fresh colors to make a real statement! The buttery yellow paired with jet black and crisp white absolutely pop underneath a velvety matte gel top coat.

Persimmon Pop

Gel polish hand-painted press on nails on one had. The almond shaped nails are in a vibrant and bright orange with a hi-gloss finish. The models hand rests over a denim shirt.
 Juicy and bold, what more could you ask for? If your go-to is a classic red polish manicure, try persimmon press-ons for a more summery feel. This set is topped with a glossy finish for perfect shine and dimension.