Halloween is Coming!

Not that we're counting down the days...

Halloween is such a great time for expressive and fun nail art, especially if your go-to nail service is minimal. In anticipation of this coming season, we thought it would be nice to take a look back at our past designs.

Before we cruise through our archives, take a look at this awesome design Nyah has "lined" up for us this season!


Slick, huh? Here's our top 5 favorite Halloween designs of years past:

1. The Maximalist

Y'all will need to "phone" the front desk to book art like this!


2. The Minimalist

Simple, clean, and effective.


3. X-Ray Specs

A phantasmagorical take on gel art!


4. The Catsuit

Seriously chic.



5. Witchy Woman

Mysterious, jewel-toned, and super shiny.