Hello Birdie Nail Polish: Top Coat Review

Hello perfect finish!

Whether you prefer a shiny, matte, or prismatic effect, Birdie polishes have you covered. Here's the breakdown of each of our signature top coats:


Glossy Top Coat

 Hello Birdie glossy top coat on top of lavender polish

This gives a classic, high shine finish. Not only is it a breeze to apply thanks to its perfect formula, it dries in a flash. That's not all this top coat does: it also extends the life of your color thanks to a UV absorbing formula. This is the perfect summer staple for your polish collection!


Matte Top Coat

Hello Birdie matte top coat on a lavender polish

Honestly? This top coat is absolutely indulgent! The silky formula provides even, consistent coverage in one coat. The result? An absolutely velvety matte finish. This top coat pairs well with earth tones for a natural finish, as well as deep, rich jewel tones for a more sophisticated effect.


 Peacocking Top Coat

Hello Birdie Peacocking holographic top coat on a lavender polish

What can we say? This baby is the star of the show! It can be worn alone for a subtle shimmer, or on top of your favorite color to add a dimensional and brilliant shine. Peacocking is a fine-grain holographic glitter top coat, which means that it will catch the light and throw back some of the most delicious diamond sparkles.