Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius signs paired with text: What's your sign? it's written in the stars...check out which Hello Birdie signature polish pairs with your placement!

Hello Birdie Zodiac Polish Pairings: Air Sign Edition

Welcome back to our series on signature polish pairings. This round is for Air signs! Individuality is important here at Hello Birdie, and we know that nail polish is one of many ways to express yourself. That's why we decided to reach for the stars and pair our signature classic nail polishes with zodiac signs.

A hand modeling Hello Birdie classic polish in Over Easy against a background. Paired with Gemini zodiac sign. Caption reads: Our social, chatty, and multi-tasking Gemini friends deserve a smart, vibrant shade. Over Easy is is a mustard yellow with a touch of shimmer to shake things up.


A hand modeling Hello Birdie classic polish in Sweetie Bird on a soft pink background. Paired with zodiac sign Libra, caption reads: Naturally sweet, probably because they're ruled by Venus. A dreamy, floral, and bright lavender shade seems just right. We've paired Sweetie Bird with this sign because it just makes sense!

A hand modeling pale sage classic Hello Birdie polish on a black background. Paired with Aquarius zodiac sign, caption reads: Honestly? Our Aquarius friends always look cool. Don't be fooled by their detached appearance: ruled by Uranus, they are innovators, tech-heads, and full of surprises. We think Wingin' It is a perfect match