Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius signs outlined in light blue on top of a wrinkled pink paper background

Hello Birdie Zodiac Polish Pairings: Air Sign Edition

Welcome back to our series on signature polish pairings.

This round is for Air signs. They're great with communicating, intellectual, and free-spirited.



A hand modeling Hello Birdie classic polish in Over Easy against a background. Paired with Gemini zodiac sign. Caption reads: Our social, chatty, and multi-tasking Gemini friends deserve a smart, vibrant shade. Over Easy is is a mustard yellow with a touch of shimmer to shake things up.




A hand modeling Hello Birdie classic polish in Sweetie Bird on a soft pink background. Paired with zodiac sign Libra, caption reads: Naturally sweet, probably because they're ruled by Venus. A dreamy, floral, and bright lavender shade seems just right. We've paired Sweetie Bird with this sign because it just makes sense!




A hand modeling pale sage classic Hello Birdie polish on a black background. Paired with Aquarius zodiac sign, caption reads: Honestly? Our Aquarius friends always look cool. Don't be fooled by their detached appearance: ruled by Uranus, they are innovators, tech-heads, and full of surprises. We think Wingin' It is a perfect match