Illustration of Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus with text reading: What's your sign? It's written in the stars...check out which Hello Birdie signature polish pairs with your placement!

Hello Birdie Zodiac Polish Pairings: Earth Sign Edition

Welcome back to our series on signature polish pairings. This round is for Earth signs!

Individuality is important here at Hello Birdie, and we know that nail polish is one of many ways to express yourself. That's why we decided to reach for the stars and pair our signature classic nail polishes with zodiac signs so that you can find your perfect polish!


A hand modeling Hello Birdie classic pale chartreuse polish in Good Migrations paired with the Taurus zodiac sign. Heading is a minimalist illustration of a bull and the word Taurus. Caption is "Work hard and play hard, that's Taurus in a nutshell! Good Migrations is for those who enjoy warm yet bold aesthetics."




Hello Birdie classic pale sage polish in Impeckable paired with the Virgo zodiac sign. Illustration of a maiden's portrait and heading reads Virgo. Caption is "We know that our Virgo friends specialize in being attentive, analytical, health-conscious, and all about gathering the fruits of their labor. Impeckable is a fine choice for this Earth sign!"




A hand modeling Hello Birdie classic pale blush polish in Tippi paired with Capricorn zodiac sign. Heading is an illustration of a goat's head and titled Capricorn. Caption reads "Named after the actress, humanitarian, and Capricorn Tippi Hedren. We think Tippi is perfect for our ambitious and empathetic Capricorn friends!"