Wrinkled pink paper with red outlines of zodiac signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius

Hello Birdie Zodiac Polish Pairings: Fire Sign Edition

Welcome back to our zodiac polish series!

This week is dedicated to Fire signs. Bold, passionate, and always ready to make a statement.  




Hello Birdie classic poppy red polish in Cheep Thrill paired with the Aries zodiac sign. Image of a ram and Aries title. Caption reads "For our brave, enthusiastic innovators ruled by Mars, the Red Planet. Cheep Thrill is a bold, poppy red polish that makes a statement on short or long nails. Not for the faint of heart!



Hand modeling Hello Birdie classic pastel apricot polish in Phoenix. Paired with Leo zodiac.Passionate, loyal, and ruled by the Sun. Combining the golden glow and intense fire of its ruling star, we think that Phoenix is the perfect sunset shade from our collection.


Hand modeling iridescent Hello Birdie classic polish in Nightingale. Paired with Sagittarius zodiac.We know our Sagittarius friends are adaptable, love change, and are filled with absolutely contagious energy. The iridescent, color shifting pigments of Nightingale are a perfect match for our friends ruled by lucky Jupiter.