Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces signs outlined in dark blue atop a wrinkled pink paper background

Hello Birdie Zodiac Polish Pairings: Water Sign Edition

Welcome back to our series on signature polish pairings!

This last round is for Water signs. Some are still waters, others make waves. They're deep, emotional, and anything but shallow. 



Hand modeling warm chestnut classic Hello Birdie polish paired with the Cancer zodiac symbol and text. Reads that Cancer cares to a fault. We can rely on them for decision-making, nurturing, and strength. Their love for all things old makes Wanna Be Nest To You the perfect vintage shade for our comforting friends.




Hand modeling Hello Birdie classic polish deep plum shade in Talk Birdie To Me. Symbol of Scorpio sign and text reads: Scorpios love to keep things close to the chest and push deeper than the superficial. Well, it's no secret that Talk Birdie To Me is a perfect shade for our pensive and observant Scorpio friends!




Hand modeling light sky blue Hello Birdie classic polish in So Fly. Paired with Pisces zodiac sign and text reads: Yes, they're dreamy, ethereal, and often have their head in the clouds. They're also incredibly intuitive. So Fly is the perfect shade for our smart and sensitive friends who just want to know how you're feeling.