Hello Birdie classic pastel peach-pink polish in a square glass bottle with a tall, round, white lid, encircled by bold shadowed text reading "pink dream", on a faded, smoky, swirled background

Pink Dream DIY

Hello Birdie classic pastel peach pink polish in a transparent glass square bottle with round white lid, against a smoky pink and gray background, encircled with "pink dream" echoed text


Summer is coming to a close, but that doesn't mean we are abandoning the bright, warm palettes just yet! One of our most recent nail art features a soft matte pink topped with glistening swirls. 

While we love one-of-a-kind nail art here in the salon, we wanted to share how you can achieve this look at home using our polishes! Keep reading for the inspiration and for DIY details.

 The Inspo



 A close up of a mid toned hand comes in from the upper right corner holding a bottle of Nest Friends Forever nail polish from Hello Birdie. The polish is worn on the nails and is a light peach hue. The bottle is a cube shape and has a white cap and white text and logo. The background is brown and the light falls off towards the upper right corner.


You'll be Nest Friends Forever with this shade as soon as you try it. The formula, coverage, and finish is great alone, but if you're looking to try some DIY nail art, this is the perfect chance to try out our matte and glossy top coats. Just apply a matte finish on top of your color, let dry, then use a thin brush to float some glossy swirls on top. Minimum effort, maximum effect!