These Spring Nail Trends Are Popping Up Everywhere

The variety of trends seen floating around social media, coming out of salons, and off the runway are a cheerful reminder that manicures are anything but one-dimensional. Editorial styles are jumping off the page and into everyday life (see 3D, metallics, and velvet sparkles). Maximalism rules, and on social media, the 90s to Y2K revival is real with bold prints and color pops. Meanwhile, runways featured solid statement colors this season. Not-so-solids are popular off the catwalk, too. There’s a lot of love for sheer colors. Barely-there manicures go by many different names: lip gloss, glazed, milky, jelly… And let’s not forget the infallible spring florals (try them on tips as a modified French manicure).

With so many trends this spring, you’ll undoubtedly find one that suits you best. Heading to the salon? Make sure you bring pictures for inspo!




A model's hand painted with sheer honey beige Hello Birdie classic polish on a pistachio green stucco background


A model's hand holding a square bottle with white round lid. The bottle reads Hello Birdie, and the technicolor blue polish is seen through the clear glass bottle. The background is a blue sky and tree.