Black square block with Hello Birdie in bold white text, next to it is same size square with an image of the aurora borealis in pastel and neon hues with Trend Alert: Aurora Nails in black text with glitch offset decoration in pink and blue

Trend Alert: Aurora Nails

Night sky of aurora borealis swirled with neon and pastel greens, blues, violets and pinks, text overlay in black with pink and blue glitch decoration
Have you heard of this hot new nail trend? Straight from the talented nail artists in South Korea, aurora nail art is like nothing we have seen before! Inspired by the natural phenomenon seen in the high latitudes of the earth, the auroras are dynamic, colorful, and mesmerizing. They are known to flash all colors of the rainbow and float their way across the cold night sky.
So how can we capture this monumental event on a tiny fingernail? One of our own artists, Alina, is going to show you how she created this effect using high-shine mylars (remember shattered glass nails?) and sheer iridescent colors. Check out the video below, and don't forget to browse our YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok channels for even more content!
Fallen in love yet? Recreate this effect using our classic polish in Nightingale!