What's Your Palette?

Now that we have introduced our Hello Birdie polish color wheel, it's time to pick your palette! What is a palette? It is a specific range of colors used together in a work of visual art, like a painting, film, or wardrobe. Artists intentionally group colors together based on their different qualities, and a carefully curated palette can effectively set the mood and be incredibly expressive. So, let's get into how you can pick your personal palette using our polishes!

Four by four arrangements of Hello Birdie classic nail polish, clockwise from top left is pale lavender Sweetie Bird, pastel sage Wingin' It, saturated blush Cupid Sparrow, warm taupe For Flock's Sake, positioned next to large black text Cool vs. Warm: stand out or sit back?

Did you know that pink could be cool and brown could be warm? Each color has an inherent cool or warm effect that plays games with our eyes. Here we have our favorite light lavender shade Sweetie Bird and chilled out pastel sage Wingin' It representing our cool colors, while Cupid Sparrow and For Flock's Sake represent our warmer friends. Cool colors generally tend to sink back, while warm colors pop out. Depending on what kind of statement you're looking to make, don't forget to take your color's temperature!

Hello Birdie classic polish in a square arrangement, clockwise from top left is light nude Tweet Yo Self, true medium gray Stormy Feather, knockout pink Pink Flamingos, and pastel yellow-green Good Migrations. Accompanying text in large black lettering reads Neutral vs. Neon: both? both.
Probably the most drastic color clash in this feature and we love it. Neutrals are colors that tend to blend with anything and everything, and the perfect neutral will usually go unnoticed, which is not a bad thing! Tweet Yo Self with a pale neutral or keep it cool with a slate gray Stormy Feather. Neons, on the other hand? They can't be ignored! Pink Flamingos is a perfect summery neon, but Good Migrations is a year-round hit. While neutrals have a modern feel, neons give off a seriously futuristic vibe. Now, if you have a hard time choosing, let's cut to the chase: they look fabulous together. Add a small shot of neon to your next neutral manicure and be prepared for the compliments on your clever choice of palette!
Hello Birdie classic polishes arranged in a square format, clockwise from top left is turquoise Eggistential, oxblood Bird of Prey, metallic bronze Falcon, and mustard yellow ochre Over Easy
Now for the natural palette featuring everything earthy: in this case, we've got earth tones and jewel tones. Just like neons and neutrals, our terrestrial palette can be bold or benign. Make a statement with cool turquoise shade Eggsistential or deep ruby shade Bird of Prey. Feeling more pragmatic? Reach for a raw metallic bronze Falcon or ochre shade Over Easy