Your Nails, But Better

Without fail, Halloween through Valentine’s is a flurry of glitter, color, and art. At this point in the year, the nail burnout is real. In salon settings, clients often find themselves feeling indecisive about their next manicure after wearing so many themed sets. Moreover, some of us are recovering from nail disasters from traveling, cooking, and the dry winter climate. If you’re one of the lucky ones who didn’t break a nail or pick off your polish, congrats and keep it up! 

So, how can we recover from nail art fatigue or press “reset” on natural nails? Go for a fresh, natural manicure using a sheer color. Sheers are increasingly popular for a “clean” aesthetic. Barely-there colors also work well if you’ve got uneven length that you’re trying to grow out. Using sheer colors prevents drawing attention to mismatched lengths like bright or dark colors would. 


Which is the best sheer color for you? If you prefer a true neutral, Light as a Feather is best. For more of a pink tint, try Aloft. Looking for a milky glaze? Thousand Cranes is perfect. 


Getting gel? Ask your manicurist for color recommendations. Sheers are perfect for gels because the grow out is barely noticeable.

Follow these steps to maintain that clean, fresh, your-nails-but-better look:


  1. Gently file your nails to desired length and shape. Use a nail brush to swipe away excess dust and make sure the undersides of your nails are cleaned. 
  2. A good base coat is necessary! Opt for one with hydrating ingredients in it, like argan oil. Birdie has you covered here
  3. Paint two coats of your desired sheer color. Be sure to wait in between coats to prevent smudges. Avoid using thick coats or multiple layers of polish, which can drag out drying time or look too gummy. Remember, the finish should be more like a tinted moisturizer instead of a full-coverage foundation. 
  4. Seal the deal with a quick-drying top coat. You can reapply the top coat daily if you want additional strength.
  5. Twice a day cuticle oil is so necessary! Besides treating your skin, it hydrates nails and keeps them flexible, not brittle.


Simple enough formula, right? Consistency is the most important part of maintaining healthy nails. Be regular with your manicures: one a week if you are using regular polish, and every two weeks if you are getting gel. Want to hand it off to a professional? Book your next appointment here